Invoicing to Bertelsmann

One of Bertelsmann's central goals is to continuously develop and improve the cooperation with our suppliers. An important aspect here is an optimized invoice processing process. This leads to a shortened processing time of your invoice and thus to a faster payment of the invoice amount.

If you still send invoices by post today, we kindly ask you to choose a quick and inexpensive method of invoicing instead by sending PDF invoices by email. Prerequisite for using our email channel is the registration in this portal.

On this portal you will find all the necessary information on the requirements for invoice quality, invoice receipt channels, registration for invoicing in PDF format and which Bertelsmann companies participate in this process.

In order to ensure a fast processing and payment, we kindly ask you to comply with the listed minimum requirements for an invoice. By clicking the check box during registration, you authorize us explicitly to return your invoice to you in case of incorrect or missing information. In this case the invoice will not be processed but needs to be resubmitted with the current information.
Invoice processing
Requirements for invoice quality

Invoice quality is of great importance for an optimised invoice processing process.
For this reason, we ask you to observe the minimum sales tax requirements as well as also our Bertelsmann-specific requirements.

  • Compliance with local tax requirements (e.g. for Germany §14 UStG requirements)
  • VAT ID or tax number of you as well as of the respective Bertelsmann company
  • Specification of your bank account details
  • Specification of currency in ISO code (e.g. EUR)
  • Invoice includes the gross, net and tax amount
  • No handwritten information
  • Invoice preferred on white background
  • Invoice address only with the specified P.O. box address (see Downloads - "Participating companies")
  • For invoices with purchase order:
    • Listing the correct purchase order number
    • An invoice refers only to one purchase order
  • For invoices without purchase order:
    • E-Mail address of the purchaser (preferred) and/or
    • Cost center of the purchaser or project/order number

Invoicing example

Invoice receipt channels
PDF invoicing via e-mail

Thank you very much for your interest in using PDF via email. This will enable you to choose a fast and cost-effective method for invoicing. The prerequisite for using our email channel is the registration on this portal. By registering, you confirm your adherence to the Bertelsmann quality standards and the requirements listed for sending emails.

Minimum requirements for PDF invoicing via email:

  • One-time registration via this portal
  • Use of the email invoice addresses of the respective Bertelsmann companies (see Downloads - "Participating Companies")
  • An email may only contain one invoice as a PDF file; attachments to the invoice must be sent as part of the same PDF or in other file formats
  • Only invoices or credit notes may be sent to these email invoice addresses (the email address for reminders or other accounting enquiries can be found on the contact form)
  • Sending only in PDF format, no special characters in the file name (e.g. " # % & * : > ? / |)
  • Technical requirements for PDF via email:
    • PDF as a "real" attachment , not embedded in the text
    • Max. 20 MB per PDF
  • No encryption of the e-mail or the PDF file (if you are a natural person, please send us the invoices on paper)
  • No additional paper form sending


With our e-invoicing procedure we offer the possibility of electronic data exchange of an invoice between supplier and customer via the service provider crossinx GmbH. The procedure makes sense for suppliers who are already connected to crossinx or are connected to a crossinx roaming partner. For suppliers who are not yet connected to crossinx, but send more than 500 invoices per year to Bertelsmann, the procedure would also be an applicable solution.

For further information on the procedure, costs incurred and for clarification of technical and contractual details, please contact us via our contact form.

Credit note procedure

The automatic settlement of goods receipts on the basis of an agreement between vendor and customer is the so-called credit note procedure. The vendor does not create invoices in this procedure. If you would like to switch to the credit note procedure, you can contact us via our contact form.


Paper invoices can still be sent to the specified P.O. box address (see Downloads - "Participating Companies"). Delivery, processing and scanning may result in longer processing times. We therefore ask you to check whether one of the invoice receipt channels mentioned above would not be applicable to you.

For further questions regarding Bertelsmann quality standards and the various invoice channels, please contact us via our contact form.

Thank you very much for your support!

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To send email invoices in PDF format to Bertelsmann units, you have to register once.

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If you have any questions about Bertelsmann's invoice receipt process, please feel free to contact us via the contact form.

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